Made it back to youth group

I finally managed to get a ride and make it back to youth group. It was great to see everyone again. It's surprizing how you feel so lost when you go back there after a few weeks of missing it.

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Homosexual Couples Can't File Joint Tax Returns

The IRS has stated that they will not be able to support same-sex couples and in turn, can not file joint tax returns.

In a clarification that threatens the viability of same-sex marriages, the IRS says homosexual couples cannot file joint tax returns because they would be in violation of the Defense of Marriage Act.

I suppose that takes away one of their main reasons for wanting marriage in the first place. Darn that marriage act!

The funny thing is that this "Defence of Marriage Act" was signed in 1996 by Bill Clinton. It states that:

"only married individuals under this definition could elect to file a joint tax return."

Irony at its best.

Sub. Teacher Caught with Porn in Second Grade Class!

From My Way News:

State police spokesman Lt. Joseph Aviola said Reyne was seated at a computer terminal in a second-grade classroom at Eisenberg Elementary School on May 24 when a girl approached him and viewed topless women on the screen.

Unbelieveable! There are so many purverts in the world now, who knows what is going to happen to it or what will be next.

This is a class of second graders and seeing woman exploited like that on a computer. What will these kids think? What will they think of their mother now? People are getting used to the computer thing and making up for being nerds in real life by looking at fake images. I think someone needed a little more sex talk from his parents. Get a life!

People getting bigger, replacement of seats needed

From ABC News AU:

The All England Tennis Club is planning to replace the seats at Wimbledon's centre court after complaints from spectators that they are too small.

The seats were installed in 1922, a time with many "smaller" people, and now people are complaining all of the time. It appears everyone has been getting bigger there. So there you have it, another country besides the US having problems with obese people.

Putin Takes Bush's Side Against Democrats on Iraq

Ahh how refreshing to read someone overseas supporting Bush. Russia's Vladamir Putin critisized the Democratic party and their lashes at Bush because in his words, Bill Clinton authorized the 1999 bombing of Yukuslavia.

Mind you, that Putin doesn't even support the war in Iraq, but sees the Democrats back to their old self of critisizing everything republican.

From Yahoo News:

"I am deeply convinced that President Bush's political adversaries have no moral right to attack him over Iraq because they did exactly the same.

"It suffices to recall Yugoslavia. Now look at them. They don't like what President Bush is doing in Iraq."

Blair's Reelection in Jeopardy

From My Way News:

In key tests of public sentiment after the Iraq war, Prime Minister Tony Blair lost support across Britain in local elections while Dutch voters dealt a blow to their governing parties at the start of elections for European Parliament.

It's really quite sad that a man who supports a worthy cause is being tormented with the thought of not being reelected. Collapse )

Troubling Thoughts

When I got back home I decided I was going to call Dave to get a definate game date. Afterward I decided to ask him over to the house for the weekend, since I already asked Jake (whom I still need to get a hold of). He seemed to not know what to say for the first moment or so, he was like "uhh" and then said sure and that I would need to call him later this week to talk more about it. I don't know, perhaps I am just being stupid, but I feel like I might have caught him off guard or that he was wondering why I would ask him over.

My mother didn't help me troubling thoughts either. She made me feel like an idiot like I never talk to them on the phone and things. True, but it was only recently that I actually started hanging out with them. Was this too soon? Am I going to give the wrong impression or something? I mean, I do have to somehow keep in touch over the summer, right? This way I can get closer (hopefully) and get their numbers. Who knows...feeling a little odd right now.

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Libs on Defensive: Clinton more pop-u-lar!

How horrible it must be for the Liberals. A good conservative president being mourned all week. Ahh, the horror! They obviously decided they needed to dig up something to make up for it. Their response, like some childish high school girls: Clinton was more pop-u-lar then Reagan! Right...I guess they want Clinton to die now to bring the Democrats back into the light. Poor guy, the liberals are already acting like he's dead too!